The Natural Way To Clean



What is your city doing to make sure is is using the safest and most environmentally-friendly solutions to protect your citizens?


eClean Technologies provides municipalities with a natural way to clean with our EPA approved water-based, sustainable and environmentally-friendly aqueous ozone products (that work as efficiently as harsh chemicals currently used without the negative effects) to keep your city clean, healthy and safe.




  • Provides 100% sustainable cleaning solutions that effectively eliminates ALL Gram +/- Bacteria and inactivates 99.99% of viruses
  • On-site generation increases efficiencies while cleaning which will reduce labor costs
  • No dwell time (works instantaneously)
  • Eliminate harmful residues and biofilms left from conventional cleaning
  • Eliminate harmful odor irritants resulting in a safer environment
  • Eliminate virtually all other cleaning products
  • Safer for the environment, public and staff
  • EPA, USDA and FDA recognize aqueous ozone as an approved antimicrobial agent

Municipal Departments

Childcare Program Facilities

City/Town Hall

Municipal Vehicles

Correction & Detention Facilities

Court Facilities

Fire Department

Health Department

Housing Authority Properties

Municipal Uses


Touch Points and Objects

Kitchen & Dining Areas


Park and Bus Stop Benches


Swimming Pools

Community Centers