Our eco-friendly Cleaning Services


We understand that every business owner or property owner takes pride in the appearance of their property.  eClean technologies is committed to provide customized cleaning services.  Through our exclusive providers, we can create a cleaning and maintenance program that meets any client’s budget and industry specific requirements that will keep their property clean and looking its best!  From site assessments to post project follow-up, we are dedicated to providing excellent service and customer care.

Scheduling and Service Tracking


Through our exclusive providers we offer a customized workflow system to support the management of cleaning operations. When creating cleaning tasks and frequencies, we track each to better manage the cleaning intricacies of each location in a highly consistent, optimized, and detailed manner.

Water Conservation Initiatives


Our exclusive cleaning service providers use our proprietary systems when conducting cleaning operations, in accordance with both Federal and State guidelines.  This process is referred to as “Zero Discharge.”

Customized Services

eClean recognizes that no two locations are alike, and to address a client’s unique needs our team may be able customize any cleaing service need.